The Box: a Responsive Free WordPress Theme

The Box is a simple, clean and responsive WordPress Theme. It’s free.


Responsive Web Design

The Box has a responsive web design, to provide an optimal viewing experience on mobile devices.

Custom header, colors & background

You can easily change the primary color of the theme (default is blue), the header image and background, to have a completely new look.

Theme Options

The Box Theme options page offers you to add your Social Network links and share your content.

Cross Browser Compatible

The Box supports all current browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE 8+)

Translation Ready

The Box is ready to be translated into other languages.

License and Changelog

The Box is published under the GNU General Public License.

Current version: 1.3.0


Child Theme

Is now available The Box child theme. You can use it to edit and customize your own theme,  without losing your customizations when you update the theme.
Download The Box child theme

About child themes:

Why use a child theme: Always use a child theme



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56 thoughts on “The Box: a Responsive Free WordPress Theme

  1. Hi,

    I really like this theme and am hoping to use it for my new blog I’m setting up, however I can’t work out how to get the Facebook, twitter icons etc… you have in your original screenshot for the homepage of this theme, (top right hand corner) – I can only see the RSS icon when I activate this theme on my url – any advice please?

    Thank you – otherwise perfecto!

  2. How to add a custom logo above the nav menu? not the header below navigation.
    Help to remove the text header and tagline and to add a logo image at the top.

    1. This makes sense.
      Why would you put a graphic header below the menu? … and if you were going to use it that way, shouldn’t there be less space above the top nav menu when you remove all text?

  3. Volevo chiederti, come posso inserire un articolo in una pagina qualsiasi del sito web ??
    Ho provato con alcune guide su wordpress, ma non ci sono riuscito, io sto utilizzando il tuo template thebox , è molto soddisfacente, vi farò sicuramente una donazione.
    Mi saprebbe per favore indicare anche un buon plugin per la creazione di una semplice guida o vademecum.

  4. Thanks, I like the theme.
    However, no matter what width I make my header image it doesn’t go across the entire page.
    It goes across the content area and just half of the side bar. I’ve tried 960px,1200px,1600px but it never goes all the way across like your example does.

  5. Hi Great Theme! One question is whether the Author name and or gravatar can be add to the Post between the Post Title and circular date icon, If so, how? Thanks!

    1. Actually figured out adding the Author and it works awesome! One other question is if there is the ability to add more social media icon option besides FB, Twitter, G+ and Instagram. Some examples, youtube, soundcloud and ustream.

      Really like the clean and responsive setup in this theme

  6. Hello :)
    I really like your theme, and i want to use it for my page. But as a beginner i dont have enough skills to customize it the way i want. Maybe you can help?

    I want to:
    - Remove the right side bar completly
    - Expand the post section to be as wide as the header (expand to take up sidebar space)
    - Move the search field to the right part of the header menu.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for all you hard work on this theme! I have one question though. By default, each post in my feed has a preview of the first few lines of text, and then a “Read More…” link. Is there a way to turn this off, so that each post is shown in full (already expanded)?



  8. Hi,

    rly like your clean theme.

    But how to get rid of the “Read more” buttonor atleast howto set it´s limitatons of words mch higher !?

    It cuts of so much and I want to use / display the full content ofmy news.

    I know / think I know it is set in the functions.php:

    function thebox_excerpt($num) {
    global $post;
    $limit = $num+1;
    $excerpt = explode(‘ ‘, get_the_excerpt(), $limit);
    $excerpt = implode(” “,$excerpt).”… ID) .” ‘>”.__(‘Read more’, ‘thebox’).” »“;
    echo $excerpt;

    But what and how tochange this !?

    THX and cYa

    1. hi,
      download the child theme,
      copy the file content.php from “thebox” folder to the child theme folder (“thebox-child” folder).
      after edit the new copy of content.php, line 38.

      replace :
      < ?php thebox_excerpt(40); ?>

      < ?php the_content( ); ?>

      1. Hi,

        just did that, but it doesn´t change anything :-(

        do need ot install the thebox-child theme to wordpress ?!
        Ijust unzipped the downloaded file to the themes folder of wordpress.

        oh and the theme folder is called: the-box
        the childfolder is calledm thebox-child

        Please let me knowonce morehow to do this.. I´d really like to have this to work :-)

        As said before, really nice theme !

        1. … although I should add, that I created a child theme using the separate “One-Click Child Theme” WP plugin rather than using your download, as like “franks” I was a bit confused by the exact name of your child theme.

      2. Hi, the child theme is broken – it wouldn’t even install until I changed the Template line to read the-box (you had it as thebox).

        Activating the child theme doesn’t inherit the styles from the parent theme, so the whole site looks broken! I’m having a look at it and i’ll post an update if I find it, but I have very little experience with PHP!


      3. Yay! fixed it!

        I made two changes to the style.css contained in the child theme:
        changed the Template reference to “the-box”
        changed the stylesheet link to “../the-box/style.css”

        I’ve created a version with these files changed and a modified version of the content.php file that removes the ‘read more’ link, too (it can always be turned back on in wordpress by writing an excerpt or using the read more option for each post).

        This updated version is stored here on my development server:


        1. hi!
          i’m back from vacation today. :)
          i fixed it.
          now the child theme directory is “the-box-child”, with the correct template slug “the-box” the calls the father theme.

  9. Yes would be nice to release the theme with the second menu working + maybe as wll withou the “read more” feature ?!

  10. Hello again,

    may I add that the CSS design is gone when using IE 8,
    I don´t know about the later IE versions though.

    Best regards

  11. ciao Fabio,
    il tema è davvero ottimo e funzionale, merita di sicuro una donazione :)

    due domande:

    1. è possibile fare in modo che le immagini in evidenza dei post pubblicati siano linkate in automatico all’articolo stesso?

    2. è possibile impostare in automatico l’immagine in evidenza come prima immagine del post?

    grazie per l’aiuto!

  12. Hi Fabio,

    This is a great theme and Im using it for one of my website. May I ask if how to show the posts in the home page as full text?

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  13. Dear Fabio:

    I have recently installed the Box theme for a blog which I am about to start in september. But I have a question and maybe it seems stupid but I do not know how to insert a large foto like in the example. I could not find an option to do this. How can I manage this?

    Thanks in advance

  14. Hello!

    I’m using your them for my wordpress site, I just have a question: How could I translate this them to spanish? Is there any guide that can help me do that? Would appreciate your reply, thanks, and keep it up!

  15. Hi,

    Really lovely theme. I’m setting up a blog but am very new to it all. Would really appreciate any advice on how one can put a logo on the text header above the navigation line? I know this has been asked before, but would appreciate any pointers on how to fix myself.

  16. Hi there,

    glad you are back from your holidays !
    May I ask when you will publish an updated version with all bugfixes of this theme !?

    Please let us now, THX !

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