Pure Css radio input

A simple, clean and minimal Css code to style radio buttons without javascript and images. Here a preview: Browser compatibility:

CSS Toggle Switch

You can use this Css Toggle Switch, instead of a checkbox, for simple On/Off options. It’s standalone, with clean and

CSS Spinner

A collection of loading spinners animated with CSS. They are  easy to customize and open-source. Link:

Elements of Design

“Design is not a science. Just move things around. Until it feels right.” Short video by Matt Greenwood about design

Good design is not just how it looks. Good design is as little design as possible.
Steve Jobs


Archist City

Federico Babina immagina come potrebbero essere le case disegnate da i 27 artisti più famosi al mondo. Link:

Pure CSS loading animations

Animazione realizzata con CSS, per il caricamento di contenuti, con stili e forme personalizzabili (cerchio, sfera, barra, linea). Gli stili